About Master Chat

Master Chat is a resource for students who are passionate about TV, film, theater, and comedy and wish to work in the field one day. The site features interviews with industry professionals—including Oscar, Emmy, and Tony winners—that discuss their paths to success as well as their advice for those who aspire to improve their craft. Interviewees are never asked about their personal lives because that’d be weird, wrong, and incredibly intrusive.  The interviews are strictly about the work and the journey to success.

About the Name

Master Class + Interviews = Master Chat

About the Author

I’m Hannah Levin: the writer, creator, everything doer of Master Chat.  I even solved the equation in the “about the name” section above—a word problem.  And to think I was in low math all of K-12!

I am currently a student at Wesleyan University majoring in English and Film Studies.  I launched the website when I was 15 and have conducted all of the interviews on here.  The earlier the date marked on the interview, the younger I was when I wrote the post. (MORE MATH!)  That’s just my way of saying the content has gotten progressively more sophisticated—I hope. Enjoy the site!